Android News App Source Code – 2023 New Update


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Android News App, contains both android source code and admin panel to build your News Application with most popular features and eye catching material outlook. If you are planning to deploy your own News App for android users, then it’s your right choice to have much flexibility on your hand.

The product comes with an Powerful Admin Panel to build the application interface visually just by drag and drop. You can update the design, what to show or not into the app real-time. You can customize many things using the Admin Panel like:

  • Application Dashboard Design & Contents
  • Navigation Drawer Items
  • User Commenting on News
  • Send push notification to users for News
  • and more…

After purchasing, you’ll have 3 files. Except the documentation, there are:

  • Android Studio Source Code
  • Admin Panel Source Code
  • Admin app Source Code

Customize how your Application’s Dashboard should look like using easy drag and drop customization. Navigate to App Dashboard from Admin Panel sidebar to avail this feature. You can design your dashboard using 4 designing components:

  • Category Posts Carousel – Horizontally scrollable posts of a one/more news categories
  • Category Carousel – Horizontally scrollable news topics / categories
  • Category Posts List – Vertically scrollable posts of a one/more news categories
  • Custom HTML – Custom HTML/CSS design to show on dashboard.

Once you completed designing the application dashboard design, press the top right Save button and that will save your design. You can change the design anytime no matter how many users are already using your live app.

Article Posting

When it’s the matter of posting News Article, News Categories is an important concept. In short, categories are the most general method of grouping news articles on your App. A category symbolizes a news topic or a group of news topics that are connected to one another in some way. While posting news article, you can choose it’s category and update anytime.
To start writing new article, navigate to Post News on Admin Panel sidebar and provide below information to post your article.

Contact Us

Head over to our dedicated support email for any kind of queries.
Also you can ask for further support like:

  • Setting up the whole system in your Hosting
  • Helping to upload app in Google Play Store
  • Changing small things like App Logo, App Name, Static texts, colors etc.


Admin Panel Demo Email:
Password: 112233

Demo Admin Panel Click hear

Demo App Click hear



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