Islamic Media : Full Holy Quran and Azkar Al Muslim Reminder




  • 1.Clean Code with latest Android Studio SDK supporting with Documentation step by step for and Our Support Team .
  • 2 . Listen to Full Holy Quran mp3 with high quality online without extra size to your app and no need for Webserver. .
  • 3.Smart Azkar Reminder ,Show and Read Islamic Dua & Azkar while using other apps with .
  • 4. Azkar of the day , showing Azkar notification everyday with ability to customize and chose the Azkar of day notification time from settings . .
  • 5. Fully Supported 6 Languages ( Bahasa ,Malay,Türkçe,Russian ,Arabic , English) And more coming soon.
  • 6. Beautiful UI Design with animated Dashboard , Buttons , layout , ListView .

  • 7. Video Splash Screen for more professional promotion your brand and application Logo .
  • 8 .All content verified and collected from Quran and Islamic Suna ,Hisnulmuslim book.
  • 9. Share with your friends so it will be as on-going charity for you (Sadaqa Jariyah), and remember .
  • 10. Admob integrated Banner and Interstitial ads .


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