Multi Calculator – All in one calculator app Android Studio 2023




– 7 Different types calculators in a single app.

– No need to install and waste storage.

– Simple UI and Easy to use

– Light-weight: Simple, Fast & Secure.

– No need to download multiple calculators

More features & customizations

In addition to the above features, please contact us by sending an email, if you want more features.


– Android Studio version 3.6.3 or higher

– Gradle version 3.6.3 or higher

What you’ll get

– Source Files – Documentation – Apk File – aab File

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Does Google Play allow to publish this app on the store?

Of course, YES. Something you need to do is make changes to your package name, app name, logo, colors, and so on. Then build an App Bundle or APK file, and publish it to the Play store. If you have any problems during upload, we will help you.

2. Do you support if the app has problems after purchased?

YES. You just send to us an email via, attach what issues you met. We will assist you to fix those issues.

3. Do I need any server or any backend?

No, You don’t need any kind of server or backend. This app is ready to publish app you just need few changes before publish on Play store that are documented in app’s document.


You can download the Apk through the below link DOWNLOAD


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