Read the notice written here carefully and then place your order. We will not be responsible and will not make any refund if any order is made outside of our rules or if there is any problem.

Dear customer,
Before buying any product from us, please read the details of the product carefully. If you want to change any of the product, then talk to us before ordering and then order. It may not be possible to add any new features to the product you are buying. And remember one thing once a product is purchased it is not eligible for change or refund, and remember that you will get the opportunity to download each product 10 times and if you exceed our given 10 times you will have to buy the product again.
After purchasing the product, if there is any problem in downloading or if you do not get the download link, please contact our support immediately.

…or something like this:

Also, like all other marketplaces we have a refund system but only if you paid less than the price of the product or due to some problem with the payment gateway the money has been deducted from your account but no download link has been received and you have informed us immediately. Or if you have ordered the wrong product, you will get a refund as per our refund policy.
See our policy or contact us for more details.

Visit our support center to avail services (Support Center). And write your detailed problem and let us know, if your problem is very important then contact us on whats app.
Whats app : +8801675877372

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